Our technology stack

It all starts with collecting data from the source. Our devices capture information about the plants you are growing, the soil beneath them and the light and air around them. Our IoT infrastructure pulls this data from your facilities and pushes it into The Cloud. Our middleware refines and enhances the data by applying calibrations and plant science algorithms that are attuned to the characteristics of your own facilities (types of soil/substrate, light sources, etc.). The Ornavera App helps you to organise, manipulate and display the data so as to expose simple, fact-based insights about your crop health.

How we get your data

Data Capture Devices (DCDs) collect climate, soil, and plant information every 5 minutes*, 24X7.

What do our sensors measure?

What can we help you do with your data

Our platform converts data into actions by collecting vast amounts of data and completing the complex calculations for you.

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