Measure. Understand. Act

Our mission

To create tools to harvest large volumes of plant health data and automate the math and science of growing to provide every grower the information they need to reap the benefits of AI and precision agriculture.

Our vision

To be the world’s curator of crop health data. 

“We founded Ornavera on the principle that if we can simplify the collection and interpretation of plant health data, we can deliver a high degree of precision and insight about the variables that matter to each and every grower”.


Ornavera Team


30+ years IT/Telco & supply chain services. APAC.

Tomer Wax

10 years Ag bus dev & AgTech (IoT).

Jay Andersen

30+ years Motorola & Intel (IoT) dev/product management.

Juan A. Becerra

2xPhD (radiocommunications, sparse signal processing). Accenture. AgTech (IoT).