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Ornavera delivers the ultimate tool that will help growers to make simple and fast decisions by aggregating all the data of their farms in one simple platform.

During crop cycles, growers contend with a dizzying number of variables. Ornavera corrals data, crunches the numbers and gives growers simple, economic and actionable insights to optimize yields and prevent diseases.


The Ornavera Eye

Sight is Good. Insight is Better

Having data is great, but how can we turn all the numbers into actions? Ornavera packs all your enormous amount of data, does hundreds of thousands of calculations and converts it into a single, insightful view of crop health.

  • Crop type
  • Varying stages of the growing cycle
  • For different parts of the growing facility
    • Nursery
    • Soil type
  • Adjustable time-series
  • Identify when conditions are ideal for diseases or other hazards
Two types
  • Health filters
  • Hazard filters
Select key plant health variables to watch
  • Define ideal target ranges
  • Assign simple weightings


Data Granularity


Get it all

Look at your data evolution over time.
Real time data of different sectors of your land.

Data Analytics

Simple tools to extract & highlight the key insights about

Growing conditions
Crop health/hazard conditions

Ornavera Diary

Ornavera creates a detailed accounting of the daily conditions of your growing areas, including:

ornavera pc
Diurnal variations in temp, humidity, EC, VWC, etc.
  • Max/Min/Avg and standard deviations.
  • Plant stem expansion/contractions (with dendrometers).
  • Quantity of light.
“Derived” Variables
  • Quantitative conditional measures
  • PAR
    • Intensity
    • Low, ideal, high – by the hour
  • Saturation vapor pressure deficit (VPDsat)
    • Indicates how hard plants need to work to transpire
    • Low, ideal, high – by the hour
  • Evapotranspiration rates 



To make smart decisions, data is essential. Ornavera delivers a real-time monitoring system based on wireless sensors. Get climate and soil information through a simple plug&play solution.

How does it work?

What are we able to measure?

Light Climate Soil
Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) Air Temperature Volumetric water content (VWC)
Air Humidity Temperature
Electroconductivity (EC) / Salinity

Contact Us


Ornavera Pte Ltd.


68 Circular Road, #02-01 Singapore


Camino de los Descubrimientos, 17, Sevilla (Andalucia)


9505 Pendio Court, Highlands Ranch, CO

Ornavera is a proud member of the Andalucia Open Future initiative.

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